How ADVIN works

An invisible overlay with sensors is installed on the shelf under the controlled goods

Measures the amount of products on the shelf

An individual overlay is installed for each individual type of product. Sensors measure the weight of the products standing on it.

Transmits information to the server

The received information is transmitted wirelessly to the cloud server in the form of product weight or number of units

Informs about the need for replenishment

According to the specified algorithm, the responsible staff receives a message in the mobile application that the product must be added to the shelf

What's in the equipment

A separate overlay that is installed on the existing shelf in the store includes a patented microcontroller.
The controller functionality:
- measuring the quantity of goods on the shelf
- temperature measurement (important for goods in refrigerators).
The received information is transmitted to the server by a wireless secure channel.

Watch the video about the Advin system
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Customer has access to the user's personal account with advanced functionality and a mobile application which notifies about the need to replenish the goods on the shelves.
Available in the personal account :
- Online indicators on all equipped shelves
- Analytics on key parameters
- Comparative statistics
- Forecasting deliveries
- Management of the bonus program for employees

We integrate software into your ERP/CRM system

Available on every platform

Mobile applications and web platform

Who are our customers

Product control is important for every stage in the global supply chain

  • Retail chains
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Merchandising agencies
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Areas of usage

ADVIN integrates into all types of shelves and racks

Store shelves

Integration into standart horizontal store shelves


Control of presence in the conditions of low temperatures

Suspended racks

Control of racks with non-standard placement of goods

Warehouse shelves

The system controls oversized and heavy packaging

Promotions and sales

Temporary stands and racks with constant rotation of goods

Exhibitions and presentations

Equipment of smart shelves of mobile stands

Pallets in trucking

Control of goods during transportation by truck

Your ideas and needs

If you have unique needs, ADVIN is able to adapt to that

How customers react to a missing product

Applies to key goods. From every 100 buyers:









OOS (Out Of Stock) – a multibillion-dollar problem.

According to the experiments of MEMRB RETAIL TRACKING SERVICES, 2006; Aastrup, J. and Kotzab, H., 2010; The Coca-Cola; 1996, the OOS rate is about 8%.
In monetary terms this is a lost $39,000,000 out of every $1,000,000,000.
Store employees are responsible for 72% of the situations that create OOS. 25% of the goods that are not on the shelves are in the store.The employee just does not know that the product is not on the shelf and does not take it out of the utility rooms. The other 47% are absent due to the inability of the responsible person to form a correct and timely order

Free testing

You have the opportunity to order a free test for 2 months

Completely free

Month of information gathering

Month of testing

Comprehensive analytics

24/7 support

You will appreciate the result of installing Advin

During the test installation information is being only collected and not available to the employees. For the second month of the test staff receives all information and notifications as in commercial use. As a result you have the opportunity to compare in detail the situation for both periods and assess all the benefits of the system.


Comparison with competitors

ADVIN smart shelf in comparison with the most widespread competitors using photo / video cameras

Product quantity recognition

ADVIN controls the exact amount of goods on the entire depth of the shelf, including and bulk goods (goods sold by weight)



Only fact of availability of products

The camera sees only the first row of goods on the shelf, registering only the availability of products


Prevent shelf emptiness

Accurate data on the time of sale and the balance of products on the shelf allows you to accurately predict when the product will run out and prevent this



Only fact of the shelf emptiness

The camera already captures the fact of shelf devastation, which does not allow to avoid lost sales and make an accurate forecast


Temperature control of the product

ADVIN, if necessary, controls the temperature of the product, which is important for refrigerators, and prevents damage to products



Lack of temperature control

The camera is not able to control the temperature of the product in the refrigerator and can't prevents damage to products


Frequently asked questions

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How is the system integrated?
A thin overlay is installed on the existing shelf in the store, under the goods that need to be controlled. You should remove the goods - place an overlay - return the goods to the shelf. Done!
Do staff need training?
The staff deals only with the mobile application, so all the training to work with the system is to instruct on how to work with the application. It takes no more than 10 minutes (including registration in the application). The staff will acquaint the employee with these instructions, or the staff can watch video instructions in their free time.
What resources do you need from the store?
To connect a data server (1 device per store) requires a 220V or 12V socket and, if possible, a wired connection to the Internet. In the absence of the Internet, data is transmitted over a secure GSM channel, so a wired connection is not required.

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